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Patios and Courtyards

There are many options for you to choose from when it comes to creating the perfect patio or courtyard for your space and budget.

Tiling will usually give you the more upmarket look. The tiles are laid on a base of concrete or mortar. Usually grouted and sealed. This is a particularly good option if you have an adjacent set of stairs to match.

Exposed aggregate concrete creates a nice look. Using small smooth pebble in the concrete, it is exposed after being laid to leave an attractive surface.

Coloured concrete with grout lines is another option. This creates a look that resembles tiling, however the squares are a lot larger and it is not necessary to have multiple tile cuts in the fiddly bits. For more information on coloured concrete visit peterfell.co.nz, and give me a ring to bring some samples around.

Paving is probably the option that is easiest on the budget. With careful selection of the pavers, and thoughtful design, pavers can look fantastic in the right area.

Timber deck can be a good in an area where there are lots of drains and unsightly bits and pieces that would look best covered up. See more information under the heading of ‘Decks’ on our services page.

When considering options for a new patio or courtyard, thought should also be given to drainage and water run-off.

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